2 Minute Introduction

At briefing you will have to do a 2 minute introduction to your group. Make sure before you go you have planned out what your are going to say and timed it. If you haven’t planned your introduction yet, here are some headings you could learn as prompts.


  • Name
  • Age
  • Siblings?
  • School (A Levels / GCSEs)
  • University (degree & what year you’re in)


  • Full time job
  • Part time job
  • Volunteer work


  • Sports
  • Travelling
  • Lockdown hobbies


  • Summer camp
  • What skills have you learned (e.g. Leadership)
  • People and experiences

Closing Remarks

Thank you for listening and I will now take any questions.

  • Speak clearly
  • Include a range of topics
  • Uniqueness – If you have a skill or experience that is unique include this, it will make your speech interesting.
  • Record yourself to check for mannerisms e.g., the use of ‘erm’
  • If you’re running out of time speak slower