Potential Essay Topics


  • To what extent could the army adapt to ‘working at home’ like much of the nation have done since the pandemic?
  • Should the military move towards a modern approach and have more people working from home?
  • Does the army need to adapt more forcefully to challenge culture?
  • With the army adopting more technology, do you think AOSB should look for potential managers instead of leaders?
  • What exactly is mental resilience?
  • What does the integrated review mean for the future of the British army?
  • What benefits does training specialist soldiers across tri-service bring to the army?
  • Is the officer role more about leadership or management?
  • How does our military action plan compare to the US?
  • Is follow-ship more important than leadership?
  • Should the army be more prepared for hybrid conflict?
  • Is the British Army still a tier 1 force?
  • How does AI compare to human decision-making in the British Army.
  • Celebrating success is useful, but is learning from failure better?
  • Can the British Army carry out exercises and deployments without NATO forces
  • Why is AOSB 3 days, when compared to corporate interview selections?
  • Is the British Army too small to function?
  • What does increasing our nuclear arsenal mean for future international relations?
  • Is there still a place for dress codes?

Police Action + Discrimination

  • How can the recent events of Sarah Everard pave the way for reform?
  • Where and how should we focus future education with regards to racism and discrimination?
  • Does the new police bill infringe on people’s rights for future demonstrations?


  • Should the monarchy be abolished?
  • Is press exposure part and parcel of Royal Life?

Country Concerns

  • Is High Speed 2 still a good use of public expenditure? (2024)
  • Should grammar schools be abolished?
  • Is pushing the retirement age to 67 the start of ‘misery and poverty’?
  • Politicians too often base their decisions on what will please voters, not on what’s best for the country. Discuss.
  • Wealthy politicians cannot offer fair representation to all. Discuss.
  • Is the current electoral system fair?
  • The current political system makes it impossible for small political parties to emerge, discuss.
  • How can we create a good relationship with the EU post brexit?
  • Should Prisons be reformative or punitive?
  • Should more be done to address the issues of immigration post-Brexit?
  • Does the Northern Ireland Brexit border deal do enough to qualm concerns over immigration and smuggling?
  • Should we defund the BBC?
  • The rise of social mobility & its effect on the economy
  • Is the role of mayors in UK cities vital?

Global Concerns

  • Israel and Palestine conflict
  • AI is the greatest threat to humanity. Discuss.
  • Is there ever a winner in modern conflicts?
  • How should the UK work with the EU in the future?
  • How do you ‘stop the boats’?
  • Do you agree the UN no longer has any impact on international conflict?
  • A fanatical person is someone who won’t change their minds and won’t change the subject. How much does this apply to Vladimir Putin?
  • Recent budget and policy discussions have suggested the west’s support for Ukraine may fade, will this happen?
  • Should an international interference occur in Myanmar?
  • Are there any true universal rights?
  • Should the West be concerned about Chinese neo-colonialism in Africa?
  • Have the west responded appropriately to the actions of China in the South China Sea, Hong Kong and Taiwan?
  • How will Biden’s response to the Mexican border shape future preconceptions of immigration?
  • Should third world countries have further obligations to provide aid to struggling countries such as Yemen?

Technology / Social Media

  • Should social media monopolies be broken up?
  • Modern media such as podcasts, youtube and audiobooks will never be a complete replacement for traditional media such as books and newspapers. Discuss.
  • Are electric motors viable to replace internal combustion engines?
  • Are we too reliant on computers and the internet?
  • Are we in an age of knowing how to access information rather than knowing information?
  • How has the media influenced recent conflicts?
  • Has social media had a positive or negative impact on society?
  • Should mobile phones be banned in schools?
  • Should we switch to an online cashless society?


  • Environmental issues: should they be dealt with on a global or domestic basis?
  • Does recycling still play a big part in society
  • Is climate change man made?


  • Should STEM subjects have more importance / significance in schools?
  • Private schools provide more opportunity than state funded schools?
  • Why do fewer young people go to university?
  • Education doesn’t come from books, it comes from practical experience. Discuss.
  • Should the government pay into individual pots for the individuals to also contribute to (like a pension) but the money is used for upskilling?
  • Do we value imagination and creativity enough?
  • Are grammar schools useful?


  • In the past, intellectual people knew their facts, however now they just need to know where to find information. Is this a good or bad thing?
  • Should big businesses be more culturally and morally behaved if they expect bailouts from the government?
  • Is an understanding of the past is necessary for solving the problems in the present?
  • Does the access to condoms prevent teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases?
  • Is eating meat going to become a thing of the past?

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