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All quizzes consist of 20 random questions. Some harder topics have hints to help you get your answer. And all quizzes will have the correct answer (with an explanation if appropriate) so you can learn from your mistakes. The correct answer will be displayed if you answer both wrong & right so have a guess if you’re not sure.

Speed Distance Time

These questions test your ability to think logically to work out how fast something is travelling (speed), how long they have been travelling for (time) or how far they have travelled (distance).

These questions are a range of difficulty so I would recommend attempting them in your head but if you are struggling don’t be afraid to use pen and paper to help.

If you are stuck or could use a bit of extra help please click the ‘hint‘ button. Good luck!

Times Tables

This quiz will test your accuracy and knowledge of the times tables. 20 short and sharp questions per quiz. Pen and paper not needed.

Good luck!

Mental Maths

These are important to practice as it will speed you up in other maths related tests. You will also be asked to add 3 numbers in your head in your interview. Pen and paper not needed.

Good luck!

Numerical Reasoning

This quiz consists of graph interpretation. If you think it would be good to practice this, click to launch the quiz. These questions will be mixed ability so don’t forget if you get stuck to use the hint button.

Good luck!

Verbal Reasoning

Read short paragraphs and decide whether the statement is true, false or can’t tell. For speed it’s good practice to read the question / statement first.

Good luck!

Abstract Reasoning

An acronym you want to learn before you go is SCANS. Most of the patterns fall into one of the following categories:

  • Shape
  • Colour
  • Arrangement
  • Number
  • Size

General Knowledge

General knowledge is knowledge about many different things, as opposed to detailed knowledge about one particular subject. 

This will be assessed in a general knowledge quiz with multiple answers to choose from.

Good luck!


This test should be completed without much thought. Similar questions will be asked multiple times so make sure you answer honestly.


At Main Board the test will give you a rule for letters / shapes that appear on screen. After each round another rule will be added. This is time sensitive however, you can refer back to the rules anytime throughout the test.

Try this practice quiz. Good luck!