Briefing Breakdown

What is Briefing?

Briefing consists of 24 hours at Westbury. It is used to determine your suitability to go forward to Main Board.


Numerical Reasoning – (36Q, 15min)
Verbal Reasoning – (40Q, 15min)
Abstract Reasoning – (70Q, 12min)
Self Introduction (2min of introducing yourself to your group)
Discussion Groups (current affairs)
Planning Exercise Training
Obstacle Course (Hurdles F-76cm M-91cm)
Bleep Test (Level 8.7)
Medicine Ball Throw
Mid Thigh Pull
Leaderless Tasks

AOSB Categories

CAT 1 – Ready to attend Main Board

CAT 2 – Passed but with a delay for further development 3-24 months. (e.g: fitness, maturity, confidence)

CAT 3 – Can attend but unlikely to pass unless there is a considerable improvement. (no time delay)

CAT 4 – Unsuitable to progress (this can sometimes be appealed)