Main Board FAQ’s

What is Main Board?

Main Board is the second stage in the AOSB process, (briefing being the first). At Main Board you will be assessed on a number of different but inter-linked intellectual, physical, mental and aptitude tests. It is designed to put candidates for both the Regular Army and Army Reserve under pressure whilst fostering their team spirit and competitiveness over the course of three days at Westbury. After this you will receive a letter in the post containing whether you have passed or not. You get two attempts at Main Board, incase you are unsuccessful at your first.

Has Covid 19 impacted the Main Board events?

There have been adjustments made to the events at Main Board to allow for a shorter assessment to get through the backlog as-well as adhering to social distancing. A list of events can be found in the Main Board Events section.

Has Covid 19 made it harder to get a Main Board date?

There is certainly a backlog of candidates going through the process and because Main Board temporarily stopped during Covid 19 it is advised once obtaining a briefing pass to enquire or organise booking Main Board early to avoid disappointment.

What documents do I need to bring?

  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Birth certificate (original copy)
  • Bank statement / utility bill (excluding phone bill) from the past 3 months
  • Educational certificates: GCSEs, A Levels, Degree etc – (original copies)
    Failure to produce your certificates may delay your application as you will be deferred after your Main Board until your qualifications are verified which may delay your RMAS Intake.
  • Receipt of hotel/meals if applicable

If I am booking a B&B what do you recommend?

List of local B&Bs, beginning with the closest.

Chalford House Hotel, 114 Warminster Road, BA13 3PR
200m from AOSB
Tel:  01373 822753

The Hollies Inn, 55 Westbury Leigh, BA13 3SF
1 mile from AOSB
Tel:  01373 864493

Crossways Bed and Breakfast, 23 Station Road, BA13 3JL
1 mile from AOSB
Tel:  01373 822379

Horse & Groom, 18 Alfred Street, BA13 3DY
1.1 miles from AOSB
Tel:  01373 859433

Redwood Lodge, The Ham, BA13 4HE
2 miles from Westbury
Tel:  01373 823949

Slades Farm, Edington, BA13 4PT
5 miles from Westbury
Tel:  01373 823949

What time do I need to be at Westbury?

You are requested to report at AOSB between 0945hrs and 1020hrs on the day of your Board. You are requested to turn up in a suit or similar to ensure the programme can commence on time.

What if I am running late on the day?

If you are delayed it is regretted that it may not be possible to accept you for the Main Board.  If you anticipate you will not arrive before 1040hrs please contact:  AOSB Main Board Office on 01373 828167

How do I travel to Westbury?

Northern Ireland
Candidates will fly to Southampton the day before their Main Board date, stay in a B&B the night before and then travel to Westbury the next day by train / taxi.

If you live more than 4 hours away from Westbury you will be eligible to travel closer and stay in a B&B the previous night and then travel to Westbury the next day by train / taxi. If you are less than 4 hours away you will be expected to travel in the morning via train / bus / car.

Make sure you keep all your receipts as there is a chance to claim back expenses.

How do I book a Main Board date?

Your CSM (candidate support manager) will book your Main Board for you. All you have to do is get in contact with them and they can discuss next dates that are available. Once they book you a date you will accept this event on your candidate portal.

Do I get paid for attending Main Board?

Reserve/OTC personnel attending an AOSB Main Board should be paid by their unit for this event.

How much money can I be reimbursed for?

If you are entitled to B&B accommodation you will be reimbursed up to a maximum of £85.00 for B&B and up to £15.00 for an evening meal which may include a non-alcoholic drink.

How do I cancel or reschedule Main Board?

If you are unable to attend or want to reschedule Main Board for any reason, you MUST inform the Officer Recruiting Team (ORT) as soon as possible on 0845 600 8080. Any candidate who drops out 5 working days or less before Main Board may incur a delay in rebooking an alternative event.