Main Board Events At a Glance

*This is an EXAMPLE of the days and events. The order of events and schedules can change / vary*

Events and Time Summary – Day 1

Paperwork & Accommodation
Bleep test
Essay on current affairs – (Choose 1 from 5 topics, 45min)
Numerical Reasoning – (36Q, 15min)
Verbal Reasoning – (40Q, 15min)
Abstract Reasoning – (70Q, 12min)
Memory + Attention – (20mins)
Personality – (200Q, 40min)
PlanEx Tutorial – (30min)

Events and Time Summary – Day 2

PlanEx (1hr)
PlanEx Group Plan (10min)
PlanEx Debrief (7min)
Leaderless Tasks
Group Discussions (10mins, 5 topics)
Lunch (change into suits)
Education / CV Interview (10min)
Lecturettes (15min to plan, 5min to present)

Events and Time Summary – Day 3

Bleep Test (20min)
Command Tasks (10min)
Obstacle Course (3min)
Leave (11am)